Provence Countryside

Provence Countryside
Provence Countryside Provence Countryside

This was made for a customer surprising his wife for their 21st wedding anniversary. He showed me a painting of a French countryside scene that she loved and asked if I could put a few sunflowers and springs of lavender on the cake. I decided to recreate the theme instead! Such a fun cake to do.

Lots of tutorials at:


Oh wow! So cool! Great job and so sweet. Love the 21 for the house number…it’s those little details that make a cake special.

Lovely work as always. I just love this one. <3

Tiff - MA

I cut the sunflowers freehand actually! These are the first flowers of any sort I’ve made and I didn’t feel it warranted the expense of new cutters, and the Wilton daisy set just wasn’t big enough. I plan to do a tutorial on my Facebook page in the next couple of days, so feel free to stop by and have a look. They were super-easy.

Lots of tutorials at:

Seeing this beside the painting just blows my mind. You, my dear, are TRULY an artist.

this cake is pretty in the other picture, but with the sunlight on it makes it pop! You can see the dimension of it. It is truly lovely!

You can have your cake and eat it too!