Canon Camera cake

Canon Camera cake

This is my Canon EOS.
I did this as a present for a friend :)
He thought it is real and tried to pick it up to test it and take a photograph lol
I enjoyed doing it andthe best part was that he loved it :)
I have created a blog post about the process of making it on my page/blog
Hope you like it :) xx ------------------------------


Fantastic cake a piece ov art LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! XX

Well done!!!! your camera is amazingly realisitc! great sculpting and such accurate detail..

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Brilliant. It is so realistic. I did one for my friend a couple of years ago & it was nowhere near as good as this.

Just a hobby baker but love seeing other people's work & aspire to creating something as beautiful one day.