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White/green cake

Wedding cake for my daughter with fresh Hortense.

-- ...aldoska...

This is positively gorgeous! I hope I get to make my daughters’ wedding cakes! They are only 3 and 7 though, so I have lots of time to hone my skills ;-) I just read your interview, too… so nice to learn more about you. I found you on Cake Central a little over a year ago, and I fell in love with your cakes then. They were so original and unlike any other cakes… many people try to copy your designs, but I can always tell if it’s one of yours or an admirer mimicking. You are very modest, but you are also very talented, and I really enjoy seeing all your cake pictures. Take care!!!

-- As Unique as You Are!

Oh, oh, I’m embarrassed! It is soooooooo beautiful what you wrote about me! I thank you very much! :-)

-- ...aldoska...

I agree. I can almost immediately spot one of your cakes before I ever click on it. I want to be able to mark my cakes like that some day!!


Your Daughter is very blessed to have a great mom like you. You and i have much in common: cakes, grown children, and we both work with exceptional needs, special needs children. I feel like i have a new friend! Lol! I enjoyed your interview also..

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