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Enchanted Wedding Cake

Here is my very first wedding cake ORDER for 29 Dec 2012.. what a baptism of fire!!! it is a combination of fruit cakes and cake dummies to keep the weight to a minimum as it was extremely heavy (very rich and boozy fruit cakes), weighing in at around 20 kilograms completed. There were a few cutting cakes that went to the kitchen as well. along with a 12" fruit cake for the wedding brunch next day. It was the first time I have taken on such a large project and loads of forwards planning and administration involved. my wonderful husband made the 25" cake base for me. the additional challenge was Christmas and home renovations were smack bang in the middle of all of this too, with the renovations completed on Christmas Eve.

Everything is hand modelled with no mould used, bar the sea shells, but then I made those moulds myself from shells I have from the coast of Dorset. I used mediums such as: pastillage, sugarpaste, royal icing and fondant. the dragon I did some hand painting with coloured royal icing.

in short this was a huge creative fix for me and loved it all the way…best learning curve ever!! I added a drawing to show how the concept started.

big thank you to my sons, their partners and my husband who were so supportive and helped out at Christmas time on the day. Love them so much

for more photos of this cake please view t this link :
and this is my page:

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This has to be the best cake of 2013 ( I think it will keep that title for the whole year) so GORGEOUS

Helen Geraghty

Speechless Calli! A sweet at top three coming up x

Calli Creations

Thank you both so much… what wonderful things you write… I am the one to be speechless :) xx


WOW, all these details ! Congrats!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Wow!!! This cake truly is enchanted! So much work, and trying to get things done while getting ready for Christmas and home renovations! You are super woman Calli!!

G Sweets

This cake is so magical Calli. I can look at it for hours and still find new detail. Such a lucky couple to get this wedding cake from you. You truly amaze me!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I had to come back for a second look at your magnificent cake! I am just amazed at all of the details. It’s too bad that you are limited to posting 6 pictures. I’d love to see more closeups of all of the details!!

Calli Creations

thank you all so much once again and Toni I have a Facebook page with more pics on. :) xxx

nicola thompson

fantastic cake love it

Gemma Buxton

Your cakes are always amazing but this one surpasses even your high standards! Wow, there are no other words!

Bliss Pastry

One of the most beautiful and detailed cakes I have ever seen!

Cake Temptations (Julie Talbott)

WOW!! This is just spectacular! The hard work and attention to detail truly shows through. Yet again another example of your stunning work Calli, you should be extremely proud hun! xx


This is so gorgeous. There is so much wonderful detail that I spent quite a bit of time appreciating this cake. I love the fact that you made everything without a mold. That is true talent. Thank you for sharing this beauty.


it’s really enchanting, great piece of art! xx

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

This cake is sooo mesmerizing Calli!! Your details are just amazing! I just absolutely love your work and this one is hands down the best!!

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Enchanted Wedding Cake