New Baby Cake

New Baby Cake
New Baby Cake New Baby Cake New Baby Cake

After waiting forever, I finally received my copy of the Carlos Lischetti modelling book on Tuesday so was delighted to have some guidance for making this little poppet! It’s only my third cake with a model on it so I’m pretty happy (but don’t look at his book as you’ll see that mine looks nothing like it!). Might get into making models after all as I really enjoyed it! …


This is absolutely adorable. Love love I don’t know what his looks like in the book but yours is awesome. I’m tempted to get a copy of his book.

Aaw thankyou – that’s such a lovely thing to say :o) I would completely recommend the book – it’s got so many lovely projects in it! xx

Love it, we’ll done, I now want the book

Darn it, can’t find anyone that carries the book in the US.

This beatiful cake !!!


Hi – this is a lovely cake and a great model! Do you mind if I ask how you did the lettering on the blocks? Thank you :)

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