Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

You’ve probably seen this cake a few times now…The talented Lesley over at Royal Bakery created an awesome tutorial that I purchased to make this Santa cake. I finally found some time in between all the orders to complete my version of it. I changed it somewhat and made Santa coming out of the chimney. I think it turned out great and my family loved it. It was a chocolate cake with a SKOR buttercream filling….yum!
Hoping every single one of you had a Merry Christmas!! Love, Daniela @itsacakething

~Daniela xo


Great job. Sounds delicious too.

LOVE HIM!!! He’s gorgeous and I just want to pinch his cheeks!


Fabulous Daniela!!! I think this one is my favourite! Gorgeous! :) xx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Love how you have him coming out the chimney! It’s so fun to see everyone’s different interpretations of this cake!


Awe thank you everyone. I just love him too. What a cutie patootie Santa! Rae, I’m flattered you think that. Thank you. Xo

~Daniela xo

Beautiful Santa cake. I love this one too.

You did such a great job!! He is just adorable!

Nancy Ferguson