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Tattoo Line 3D Cakes

So I know I come a long way from a Noah ark to skulls, but I do have a very strange taste for music and art.
This tattoo line is part of my new classes for 2013. Where you can design and created your own stacked cake to create a tattoo 3D cake.

-- Verusca Walker

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Raewyn Read Cake Design

This is fabulous Verusca!! I love it!! I can’t wait till your book comes out next year!! So exciting :) xx

Lior's Cake Designs

I absolutely love this :)

Verusca Walker

Thank you Raewyn. You are the best ;) I am very glad I have the opportunity to meet you.
You may just about to change my life.

Verusca Walker

Thank you CassJett. I also love your skull ;)


Oooh Verusca this is the first time I’ve heard about your book and I am SO excited! You are just such a talent. This cake is exceptional!

Verusca Walker

Thank you Kidacity I am working very hard to finish it. ;) Next year I hope to have more time to do it.

Fifi's Cakes

oh how utterly, utterly WONDERFUL!! LOVING these skulls!!! wowee Verusca! xx

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

Wow! That’s sensational!

Verusca Walker

Thank you


Totally amazing as usual, I can’t wait for your book

La Belle Aurore

Amazing. love it


amazing work!

Shawna McGreevy

You’re so fabulous, Verusca! So much talent…


amazing work

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Very Cool!

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