Philadelphia Eagles Football Helmet

Philadelphia Eagles Football Helmet

I have done 3 Football helmet cakes and they are so fun to make! So much goes into the initial cutting of the cake to make it all turn out correctly! Time and patience are my friends when I create a football helmet for sure! The shimmer was done by painting on color instead of airbrushing (but this can be very tricky!) I added silver luster dust to the food color and lemon extract mixture.


This cake is awesome! I love it.. I actually have a football helmet cake coming up in January. This will be my first time making one. Do you have any helpful tips you could give me? I would so greatly appreciate it..

Kenni, Middletown, NY

I do have a mini tutorial that I did… It is just a picture tutorial that shows a bit of a step by step. I have a fondant extruder that I used to squeeze out a mixture of 2 parts gum paste to 1 part fondant for the face guard. I attach it and old it up with some tooth picks while it dries. Hopefully the photo tutorial will help! Find it here: – then click on Freebies. Good luck!

awesome job

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