Wedding cake in whipped cream with wafer paper flowers

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This is a cake which I hold very close to my heart. It was my first wedding cake , and I was too excited about the cake when the order came in. Everything went according to the plan till we start from my home to deliver the cake to the venue about 15 km away. Our car had met with an accident on the way ! Fortunately we were fine but the cake got badly damaged. I suspected that something happened inside the box because of the sudden jerk but wasn’t in a position to check as it was all packed. Upon reaching the venue I checked the damage and found out that the bottom tire is badly smashed. I almost froze in fear by looking at it! Luckily my husband was there with me and he helped me to pull up my sleeves and repair the damage. I finally managed the repair without my usual tools. The client was extremely happy to see the final repair work and I must say I was lucky to have such understanding client who encouraged me the entire time while I was at my work repairing.

It’s a fresh strawberry cream cake with eggless vanilla bean sponge inside and non dairy whipped cream frosted. Gave the texture by a dessert spoon to both the tiers as I had no tools with me. Flowers were all edible wafer paper and a rose gold acrylic topper to match with the decor.
It’s a long story I know but I am sure you will like the cake despite some rough edges visible here and there.

-- Sinfully Yours by Gungun

The cake is beautiful! I never would have dreamed that it suffered an accident if you hadn’t said so!

-- The Garden Baker

It is beautiful. You did an amazing repair job.

love the different textures you’ve used

It is still beautiful.

-- Darina

Thank you very much everyone for your sweet words 🙏

-- Sinfully Yours by Gungun

very pretty

-- art deco cakes by gali