Incredible India Cake

Incredible India Cake
Incredible India Cake Incredible India Cake Incredible India Cake

My work for the Incredible India Cake Collaboration 2021

One of the oldest civilisations in the world, Incredible India is full of great heritage and culture, varied flora and fauna.
One such flora is the Madhumalti flower, also known as the Rangoon Creeper, the botanical name being ‘Combretum Indicum.
These are special kind of flowering vines that change in colour with age. The beautiful flower of Rangoon Creeper plant has a divine fragrance, and its color varies from white to pink to red.
As kids, we had these creepers near our house and every day we would pick the flowers which would fall down and put on the petals of these on our fingers to look like pretty nails!! This flower surely has a special memory in my mind.
Hence what better than to depict the same in edible form! Made with gumpaste, varied colours of different stages of these flowers are shown on this cake.

In India, almost every household has a custom of lighting a deepam or diya twice a day — in the morning and evening. This is a part of prayer. All ceremonies, daily worship rituals, auspicious functions, religious occasions as well as new ventures start with lightning of the lamp. Diya signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. The presence of light means the non-existence of darkness and evil forces.

Through my cake I have tried to depict the beautiful culture that India portrays.

Ashwini, India,,