Vikings Cake

Vikings Cake
Vikings Cake
Vikings Cake
Vikings Cake
Vikings Cake

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Hugo celebrates his 16th birthday, nestled in a Viking longship, lost in a stormy ocean, attacked by a dragon from the North Seas …

I LOVED making this cake, where only the theme was given to me: vikings. I was free to create, and I think I could have made a piece for 300 people 🤣

Vanilla sponge cake
Chocolate filling
Intense dark chocolate couverture ganache
Satin Ice sugar paste
Saracino modeling paste
Food coloring

Dragon entirely modeled by hand.
The first name Hugo is written in the runic alphabet on aged parchment-style wafer paper.
The sea is made with a knife, in sugar paste (3 shades of blue and white), then repainted with a brush and blue food coloring.
The Viking hammer is also hand modeled and hand engraved, according to an existing model.
Of course, everything is edible.

Do not hesitate to share it and make it travel!

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Oumi’s Cake Sug’Art


What a great design! I know the birthday boy was thrilled!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Merci 🙏🏼… and yes, Hugo wars thrilled ❤️

Oumi’s Cake Sug’Art

Merciii ☺️

Oumi’s Cake Sug’Art


Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Merciii 🥰

Oumi’s Cake Sug’Art