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Saint Valentines - Blackberry Lemon Opera!

To honor the feast of St. Valentine and a twenty something years old love story with my beloved husband…. I made a treat, blackberry lemon opera. Layers of lemon syrup soaked joconde filled with white chocolate blackberry ganache and lemon French buttercream. The blackberries are from our summer harvest last year. Topped with blackberry glaze and fresh fruits. Decorated with a mixture of everything that was left on the bowls emptied in a piping bag! Happy Valentines for you all, stay safe and warm!

opera opera cake lemon blackberries ganache buttercream valentines



Oh my goodness you are a flavor artist!


Oh my no goodness Regina, suena delicioooso y la decoración esta bella!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!!!!

Regina Coeli Baker

Thanks ladies, you are always sooo very sweet! I don’t know where do you live… but we are expecting -17F in Kansas tomorrow… stay warm and safe!

Elli Warren

Looks and sounds sooo delicious!! :-) x

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

This looks and sounds scrumptious…..❤️❤️

Sandra Smiley

Looks and sounds divine! You are an amazing chef, my friend!

The Garden Baker

Oh WOW! If only we could taste!!!! This sounds amazing, unique and delicious.

Regina Coeli Baker

Thanks ladies, I think this is the only time of the year when I can put a piece of cake on the mail and it will arrive intact…hard as a rock!

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Saint Valentines - Blackberry Lemon Opera!