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Modern Cinderella

A composition made for the collaboration by Turkish artists themed Once Upon Today.
What if Cinderella lived today? Modern Cinderella is an independent and strong young lady, she is not expecting help from a fairy godmother, gets ready for the party herself, and doesn’t miss on taking a selfie for a prince;)

Gorgeous work!

-- The Garden Baker

Cheerful and beautiful piece!

-- Clara

She is Beautiful 💖😊😍adorable design💖😊😍

-- Dubey Cakes

Linda y original

-- JuliArt

Perfect x

-- Essentially Cakes - Christine Jones

Wow amazing!

-- Jens bakey cakey

So grate figurine!!

-- I will be very glad to meet you at Instagram, my page https://instagram.com/victoria.zahorodnya?igshid=pqn3us8qbbtx

Wow! Incredible

-- Penny Bakes

Çooook güzel bir çalışma ellerinize sağlık 🥰


-- Sibelvepastalari


-- Benny's cakes