Çiğdem Tayan
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I was born on February 14, 1976 in Germany. I am married and have a daughter. I graduated from Uludağ University Engineering Faculty Textile Engineering. I worked in many fields of textile from yarn to garments. However, my interest in art and my passion for production also affected my business life. My career, which started as an engineer, continued as a woven fabric designer and then as a trainer of this business. I met sugar paste in 2019. After that day, my designs changed the surface and came to life in cookies. I continue my work in the workshop I set up in a room of my house and share it with everyone on my @crocus_bakery account on instagram. I am aiming to undertake different works in this field where I have just taken a step. In order not to waste time with trial and error, I am trying to improve myself by receiving trainings from experts.

-- crocus