Art of Pottery... my contribution

Art of Pottery... my contribution

This is my Contribution to the Art of Pottery – An International Cake Art Collaboration kindly hosted by the sweet @Tasnuta Alam, to whom I thank for having me as part of
this.! Hoping you like it.

Pottery is a somehow recent love, despite having born in a Country were pottery and porcelain
have a first class reputation and the craftsmanship is a top one. It wasn’t until I moved to Japan
that I started appreciating the incredible skills of the masters and how beautiful this art can be.
With my piece I wanted to resemble a roof tile, rustic underneath, with a full covered top in a light
color and delicate motifs of monochromatic and dimensional flowers.
The tile is 100% piped with coloured royal icing and I finished the flowers with a light dust of yellow
powder on top, and black underneath.


The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres