Old Masters Flowers

Old Masters Flowers
Old Masters Flowers Old Masters Flowers Old Masters Flowers

I have been working on a showpiece I can finally reveal. Its the largest piece I have ever made in sugar. I can’t count the hours I have spent the last few months on it.
Lots of new techniques learned.
It includes: my favourite Roses, a whole new technique in making them thanks to a Russian lady I stumbled upon; double coloured Dahlia, a technique I have had for a long time in my head, I wanted to try it out; Hydrangeas, buds, half open, flowers and even wilted and dying ones, if you look closely there are hundreds of them in there; Chrysanthemum, thanks to a wonderful class I took in Germany last year; then there are dozens of teeny Forget-me-nots, a new flower to me and one I fell in love with in Summer camp with Natasha; Trailing Amaranth, again one in my head for a while, done; Foliage, my nemesis for years, I am conquering.
So she is done and finally I can show you.
Am beyond proud of this lady, I dedicate it to all of us for these past months of trial and new ways, new learnings. Enjoy. Miriam

Miriam Pearson