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Happy Birthday Susan

Not my best effort, I baked and decorated this cake all in one day yesterday, cause I soooo thought that today was my girlfriends birthday. Ahhh, no birthday is not till this Thursday!!! 🤪🤪 Just shows how we’re, or at least I’m losing track of days and dates with this self isolation. So thought I’d be dropping the cake this morning . Oh well, it’s cold, miserable and raining today. Not so good for a porch drop off. So cake will stay snug in my refrigerator until delivery. Anyhoo, this is my feeble attempt at a mini faultline cake. It’s my signature rich family chocolate cake. And fortunately, I just happened to have leftover light and dark chocolate icing, with a smidgen of white ganache. I had a minuscule amounted silver lustre dust, and zero gold, so it was hard to define the edges of the faultline. My girlfriend doesn’t have any family close by for a drive by birthday greeting, so hopefully this will make her day. And she won’t give a fig about what the cake looks like, as long as it tastes good!!

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Felis Toporascu



I love the pink against the brown. I bet your friend will be thrilled.

Sandra Smiley

This is such a cute cake, June, and a special treat for your friend!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Thanks Felix, Goreti and Sandra…❤️

Dr RB.Sudha


The Garden Baker

First of all, your cake looks just fine. I love that big pink rose at the front!
Your friend will be utterly thrilled to receive this.



Penny Sue

I think it looks lovely, and I bet tastes amazing! I’m struggling with the postponed wedding cakes, prob to fit them in later this year though. Keep safe and well. 💞💞

The Custom Piece of Cake



Very pretty!


Unmistakable June’s style!!!
I love each one of your cakes. They always look so special designed and sound soooooo delicious too!
Hope everything’s fine with you and your family, dear friend 🥰

Asya Vencheva



So lovely 💗

🍩Cristina Calcagno🍰


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Happy Birthday Susan