Riot of Colours!

Riot of Colours!
Riot of Colours!
Riot of Colours!
Riot of Colours!
Riot of Colours!

My piece for the World of Cancer day sugarflowers and Cakes in bloom collaboration 2020

Riot of colours!

This is my fifth consecutive year in this special and meaningful collaboration, which holds a special place in my heart.
For this arrangement I have made the following variety of flowers and foliage:
Pom pom Dahlias in a variety of colours
Two toned dahlia
Cork tree flower
Speedwell Stalks
Poppy seed pods
Snow bush leaves (Breynia Disticha)
Swiss cheese Vine (Monsteria adansonii)

Sweet Symphony-Arati Mirji-


So very beautiful.

The Garden Baker

Stunningly beautiful work!! Big thanks my dear Arati for your participation and commitement with this meaningful collaboration ♥️

Catalina Anghel

Stunning work, as always!!! Love them <3


So beautiful!

Mis dulces tentaciones

Bouqet is very lovely composed. Flowers that you made is unbelieve real. You did such a great work


Cake Canvas from ANNAsKITCHEN