Queen Eleonor

Queen Eleonor
Queen Eleonor Queen Eleonor

Rainha D. Leonor

My sweet interpretation of Queen Eleonor.

This piece was inspired by Eleanor of Viseu (Leonor de Avis) 2 May 1458 – 17 November 1525
She was a Portuguese infanta (princess) and later queen consort of Portugal.

100% Sculpted and structured carrot🥕 cake with chocolate 🍫 mousse, covered in dark chocolate ganache and white modeling chocolate. Painted with edible powder colours, cocoa butter and confectionery glaze.

Hope you ❤️ her

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She is beautiful, Milene!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wooowwww !!!! Es maravillosa!!! Mil gracias por todo preciosa!!!

Raquel García Martínez

She’s amazing!!

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