Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel

Hello to you all, my sweet friends πŸ’›

It has passed a long time since my last post, maybe it was just a classic burnout or maybe my problems with socialization and communication with people in general but that’s the main reason why I still cannot be fully active or sometimes not at all on social media. So I apologize greatly for failing to reply to your messages and posts, I trying my best to work on myself πŸ’›.
Thank you all for your indulgence and your support, it means a lot for me and I value it hugely.

My New Year’s resolution is definitely to be better in communication πŸ˜… and I wish everyone a beautiful holidays and happy New Year full of great experiences, joyful days and new inspirations!

God Bless You All! πŸ’›πŸ˜‡


I’ve always admired your work, Ivon and this one is stunning as well. Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year.


Thank you so much, dear Elena! I really appreciate it! πŸ’›

I love this! I never thought of making an angel like that on a cake. Great idea!

Thank you very much, Jazz! πŸ’› I wanted something simple that anyone could create, so I’m really happy that you like it! πŸ’›

Thank you very much, Konstantina! πŸ’›

Thank you, Dimi! πŸ’›

Thank you very much, dear Goreti! πŸ’›