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Baroque Wedding Cake

The same lady I did the Peter Rabbit cake for early this year asked me to do her wedding cake. As the wedding was held at Hawkstone Hall in Shropshire, the theme was kept in keeping with the decor, which is magnificent baroque detailing throughout the old historic building.
I created a “Versace” style base sponge cake, all handpainted. It took forever 😂 but worth it.
The other tiers are dummies covered in #saracino fondant and the love birds I modelled using #Saracino modelling chocolate.
The exotic flowers are all made from cold porcelain.
I had such incredible feedback on this cake from staff, to wedding planner and the bride herself contacted me same evening to express her gratitude and how much she loved her cake. It meant so much to me.
Her sister gets married next year and been asked to do her cake, same venue, so very excited, and it’s totally different 😊

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Sandra Smiley

Gorgeous creation, dear Calli!


Absolutely gorgeous!!!



Olina Wolfs

Gorgeous cake!

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Calli Creations

Many thanks to you all

Raquel García

No words!!!!

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Calli Creations

Thank you so much 😊


Amazing ❤️😘😍

Calli Creations

Thank you 😊

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Baroque Wedding Cake