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Ukrainian nationals clothing Couture Cakers International

And here is the cake that I represented Ukraine with in the international cake project of 2019. This year, the theme was our national costumes and details on the history of our applications.
For me, this is a special mission – to show others the traditions of my people and the region where I live. Ukrainian clothing Embroidered shirt can convey with your drawings and ornaments, where you came from and what your status is. This is a modern barcode that allows you to recognize and learn a lot about a person!
The selected ornament is widespread in my country. Red, symbolizing wealth and a healthy spirit. Flowers, tenderness and light nature. Necklace means that the girl is wealthy
P.s I know that there will be experts in the ethnos of Ukrainian dress. Please do not cling as this is my vision of this topic.))
“Couture Cakers International Collaboration 2019”
Heba M Elalfy

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Amazing interpretation and creation

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wonderful ♥♥♥

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Wonderful work Dmytrii!! I love it!!

Dmytrii Puga

Thank you very much all

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Gorgeous 💕


Fantastic work 😍❤️😘

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Absolutely Gorgeous! Congratulations on a fabulous piece and collaboration!

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It is stunning!!



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Amazing <3


Stunning cake!

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So perfect and gorgeous!


Amazing cake!

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Ukrainian nationals clothing Couture Cakers International