Indian tribes

Indian tribes
Indian tribes Indian tribes

The Couture Cakers Collaboration 2019
I choose Bonda tribe which is a Munda ethnic group who live in the isolated hill regions of the Malkangiri district of southwestern Odisha, India
Tribes make up 8.6% of India’s population or 104 million people. These Tribals are not a part of the caste system, and usually, constitute egalitarian societies.
Some of these tribal groups are quite sensitive to ecological degradation caused by modernisation.
The Bonda women are generally semi-clothed.
These women have their heads shaved and adorned with headbands, called lobeda which is made of beads. Bonda women wear metal bands adorning their necks, which are called khagla and are made from aluminium. Including the bands around their neck, necklaces made of beads are also worn, these are called Mali. Due to the culture surrounding their ringa cloth which covers the waist down, the khagla and Mali act as a sort of clothing for the upper body of the women.
In Bonda society, the women enjoy a privileged position. They are the primary workers and providers of food for the community. In contrast with many other populations in India, the number of women among the Bonda greatly exceeds the number of men.
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Pooja Nanda Sareen


What a stunning cake. I am totally speechless

Amazing work and fabulous to see your inspiration! Thank you, too, for the explanations :)

The Garden Baker

Such a beautiful and fantastic cake! Thanks for being a Couture Caker :)

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