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Hi all.I present to you “Carlotta” with this elf of which I was part of Believe in the Magic Collaboration for Essener Elterninitiative, directed by Monika Kwaśniewska, where all the benefits raised were for children affected with cancer. I want to thank Saracino and Lusopastas for their contribution of the material with which I made this piece. I would also like to thank my dear Catalina Anghel for encouraging me to participate, although I knew that I could not attend the fair and look for a thousand and one ways to make the piece come from full hahaha. I hope you like it!!!

-- Raquel García Martínez

You are a great artist Raquel

-- DolceFlo

My Lovely Sugar Artist!

Soooo sweet <3

-- #ardeca #bygulcintekkas

Omg… Absolutely gorgeous !!! Brilliant work as always Raquel <3 !!!

She is amazing, beautiful, and I dare say “alive”! You outdo yourself time after time :)

-- The Garden Baker


-- Sugar Creations Belinda Lucidi

Your little elf is adorableeee!!

-- Konstantina

Your Carlotte is perfect. Fantastic modeling! I admire all your work, Raquel. ♥

-- Dáša Krettová

Beautiful! x

-- The Cake Nook

Amazing as always.

-- Inoka


-- Benny's cakes

Sei straordinaria amica!!😍😍😍😘😘😘

-- Clara