LUNA - Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration

LUNA - Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration
LUNA - Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration
LUNA - Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration

THE PIECE: EN-I m inspired to an Extraordinary artist, Jennifer Healy.
My passion for the faces, has brought me to realize a work in which I have wanted to express the dualism, that is the presence of two personalities in mutual relationship of complementarietà or opposition that exists in each of us.
This aspect I believe both always present in all of us, in every day of our life, because we can be always not indeed ourselves and to express us completely, for correctness for responsibility, for good sense, for fear, for ignorance, for hypocrisy, for love… Not a part that prevails the other always exists, and he doesn’t make often even I count that exists, because they unconsciously enter game.
None of us are really free to fully express what is, or at least few are able to, especially in this modern society, where there is much selfishness.
In my work we see two faces, with your completely different expressions, one with open eyes, almost inexpressive, pale, overlooking, protecting or obscuring the other face, hidden, with closed eyes, almost dreamy but also serene.
There are“bones”that want to express the depth of these two of our“souls”, that come to the bone, that are clinging to the bone and that can never separate from us. Both are ours, and in the end there is no truer part of the other, both are True… both are Us.
I believe that in each of us there is a part that we want to protect, because we believe more fragile and in opposition also hide, not to hurt those we love, and a part that we want others to see, to protect them, not to hurt them…
My work is called“Luna”, like the Moon, which cannot be seen completely but always shows a part of itself, not by choice, but always shows itself and in any case, at different times.


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Superb painting with a meaningful story behind it 😊

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Beautiful painting!

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So very lovely…

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