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Dual tone Rose

Made this dual tone rose using Red and White gumpaste 🌹Hope you all like it ❤️

-- Chanda Rozario

gumpaste floral wire & tape modelling tools wire cutters sugarflowers gumpaste flowers sugarart



Beautiful, it looks a real rose!

Chanda Rozario

Thank you so much Julia❤️


So beautiful!

Zoe White

Stunning! x

Olina Wolfs

So beautiful! 😃

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

So very lovely…

Sandra Smiley

Absolutely stunning!

Chanda Rozario

Thank you so much Sandra, June, Olina, Zoe and Darina xxx

Seema Tyagi

So beautiful! ❤️

Chanda Rozario

Seema Tyagi 😘😘😘

Raquel García

woowww lovely….

Chanda Rozario

Thank you Raquel ❤️

Cakes for Fun_by LaLuub

Unbelievable!! Wow!

Sweet Dreams by Heba

So beautiful, I love this! :) x

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Dual tone Rose