#AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #SeeItWithYourHeart Collaboration

#AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #SeeItWithYourHeart Collaboration

Michael Andolsek is an artist, a fashion designer, a businessman and an autist. He is the founder of the luxury fashion brand ANDOLSEK. This year, we had the distinct honor & privilege to partner with ANDOLSEK whose social initiative entails fostering the creative abilities of people with autism. It was only natural, after realizing Mr. Andolsek’s love for art, as well as design and creating striking apparel that rely on splendor and precision, that we decided to form a collaboration for our 2019 autism awareness campaign, whereby we drew inspiration for our edible pieces from Michael’s fashion and art portfolio. We hope you enjoy looking at every single piece in this collaboration; awareness leads to acceptance!
#AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #SeeItWithYourHeart

This is my submission, in the time i made it my head wasn’t with the collab, both my parrents died but i so wanted to make something for the collaboration because it is near to my heart.
So it is not the most beautiful piece but it is made with 100% love


Very lovely piece Jacqueline..Great interpretation. So very sorry about your loss. 😢

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

So lovely! 😃

Olina's taarten

Lovely! ❤

Dáša Krettová

I’m so sorry for your loss, dear Jacqueline….😔
Lovely creation! 🤗


It’s a lovely piece 😘😘😘


Thank you June, Olina, Daphne, Konstantina, Clara and Bianca xxx

Beautiful work and very touching.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley