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Chocolate Ruffled Birthday Cake

Just a sweet little 6" birthday cake for a sweet girl named Lisa. Chocolate cake filled with fresh strawberries, iced in chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate ruffles and a few chocolate dipped strawberries.

chocolate strawberries chocolate ruffles


June ("Clarky's Cakes")


Sandra Smiley

This is awesome! Beautiful with exquisite chocolate work! Also looks luscious!

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Thank you ladies. As I carried it out to the car for her I could smell the chocolate and I wanted a piece of that cake! I controlled myself but it wasn’t easy.

The Garden Baker

Looks delicious, Shirley!

Felis Toporascu


Asya Vencheva

Very pretty!




So pretty

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Thanks everyone.

Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C.

Yum! That looks delicious!


Looks delicious

My Sweet World_Elena

Very pretty and definitely yummy!


Perfekty done! Looks delicious!

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Thank you Ladies.

Elli Warren

Looks delicious and very pretty!! :-) x

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Chocolate Ruffled Birthday Cake