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Maheshi - Sinhalese Bride for Beautiful Sri Lanka Collaboration

For me Sri Lanka is the land of beauty. Beautiful scenic landscape and beautiful people. I had been wanting to create a bust cake of a dusky beautiful woman and this came as a wonderful opportunity.

While making bust cakes are never easy, I loved creating Maheshi, styled like a Kandyan bride and her beautiful features and classic Kandyan bridal jewellery like the headdress.

-- <3 Gauri


-- Chanda Rozario


-- LaPetiteMeringue by Radha Dhaka


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-- Cuppalicious. Addiction guaranteed ❤️

So beautiful! ❤️

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Great detailed work :)

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Stunning 💖

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Beautiful 😘

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Beautiful work!

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Thank you so much everyone 💝💝💝

-- <3 Gauri

Beautiful ❤

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Absolutely stunning!

-- Dellissima Cakes by Maria