hi Beautiful ppl ,
Im Niro, a home maker and A Baker by profession, Based in Sharjah Al Tawun. UAE has become my second home for the past 15 years.
Love baking beyond comprehension.
Im sure All bakers would agree when i say.. Baking is Not just a profession. It becomes away of life.
Im known as da cake lady amonsgt kids. cs i always carry one for any parties. It gives me immence pleasure to see their faces
As for most.. baking is more than a passion. it has become my safe place. away from all the hussle and bussle. But im pretty stubborn on how my cakes should taste as much as the looks. I started this carrier due to its taste and im determined to never let that go. The joy in their faces when they bite into your cakes is beyond what money can bring.

i would trully be greatful if you all could take some time off your buzy day to show my work and pages some love. i would b byond happy n thankful😘

much love Niro. Cuppalicious ❤️




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