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On the 10th of february ten years ago i made my first cake with my daughter kirsty. It was a ready mix packet and turned out disastrously, cooked on the outside and raw in the middle but it made us laugh. Sadly not long after that kirsty died in a car accident, she was only 15. By sheer coincidense i now make cakes for a living, that would have made her laugh too. Four years ago i decided to make a display cake to try and express the emotion i felt the day she went away. But that is a difficult thing to do, death is not a subject that people want to see or hear about. After weeks of thought, i came up with an idea and busied myself preparing and making certain parts, after aweek i stopped, everthing went into a cupboard and sat there ever since. I did not feel that i was good enough to do it justice! After years of encouragement and belief from my wife carla i finally decided to finish it ond on the 16th of february this year i started again. After many many hours working in the kitchen my mind full of memories of kirstys life and death, it is finally finished and stands proud at 36" tall. My over whelming feeling from that day was “broken” so that is what i will call the cake. I would like to thank my beautiful wife for all her help in finishing this as i could not and would not have done it without you! Is it good enough? Have i done it justice? I dont know. Only you can decide that. This cake isnt just for kirsty, its for robyn, me, its for you carla. Its for every parent who has lost a child. Its for everyone who has lost someone that they love. Its a fleeting glimpse of an emotion from the worst day of your life made from sugar. So, like it, share it or just pass it by, that is your decision to make. Thanks to all who have taken the time to read this. Stef x

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The Garden Baker

Your piece is magical! I cannot comprehend the overwhelmingness of your loss and wish you only brightness in your future and in that of your family.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

What a beautiful piece and wonderful tribute to your daughter, and to the many who have lost loved ones. I hope you are comforted with sweet memories of your daughter.


perfect work 👍 👏


Love it

Stef and Carla (Simple Wish Cakes)

Thank you for your comments


Absolutely gorgeous!! ❤️



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