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"Moises" Greco-Roman Challenge

Hello everybody!! I present my sculpture with which I collaborated in the challenge organized by Raquel García and Bakerswood called: GRECO ROMAN STATUE CHALLENGE, this is my version of MOISES of the Master Miguel Angel. I worked with RKT in the interior, flex foam and modeling sugar paste. The nuances I gave them with edible powders of Cherry And Cake. I hope you like it and are encouraged to comment. I also invite you to support all the Sugar Artists that are part of the virtual sample.
I chose the masterpiece of the artist Miguel Ángel Buonarroti called “Moisés” for being a faithful representative of what the Italian Renaissance was in the history of art and for being one of my favorite artists.
“The Moses” was a work sculpted on a large scale using only one piece of marble “carrara” the favorite material of Michelangelo. And he captures the moment when he returns from Mount Sinai with the tables of the law; his brow is furrowed at the ingratitude of his people as he sees them worshiping the golden calf. It has two horns on its head, but it is believed that it had to carry two beams of light, apparently it was due to a translation error. The artist suggests a movement in power, the muscles have tension, the anatomical study is of an amazing naturalism, the clothes fall with folds where they play perfect lights and shadows, it seems to have been modeled with plasticine and not with marble.
To make my work in miniature compared to the original I used: sugar paste with internal RKT structure and flex foam in the bases. It was completely hand-modeled and painted with Cherry and Cake shaders.
It was quite a challenge to copy a master of the History of Universal Art and at the end I was able to realize the errors, although I enjoyed the elaboration a lot and I am satisfied with the result since I learned new manipulation techniques of the modeling paste. I know it’s not perfect like the original masterpiece, but it was a great essay.
CITY AND COUNTRY IN WHICH IT IS: North Carolina-USA, but I’m from Quito-Ecuador.
USED ​​MATERIAL: Modeling dough, RKT, flex foam at the base, skewer sticks, florist’s wire, matting.
TECHNIQUE: Sculpture in sugar paste
Dimensions: 20.5 cm (without taking into account the base of the false cake).
MARK OF MATERIAL: Various brands and products of Cherry and Cake.
Data of the original work:
Author: Miguel Ángel
Creation: entity 1513-1515
Location: San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome-Italy
Material: marble
Technique: Sculpture
Dimensions: 235 cm
Thank you very much for reading to the end and supporting this beautiful sugary art

-- Natalia Salazar

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Fantastic !!!!

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Fabulous, dear Natalia!!! ❤️
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Beautiful piece! Great job, Natalia!

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Fantastic piece!

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"Moises" Greco-Roman Challenge