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Sugar art tegen pesten vzw Mathi's hoop - collaboration

I am the chairperson of the non profit organisation called Mathi’s hope. It all began 7 years ago when my son took his own life because he was being bullied. I therefore chose this heart shaped cake because on the 22nd of October 2018 we lit 810 candles to bring bullying to the attention of the people and in his memory.

Dear Chris; so impressive.
Lieve Chris: dikke kus X

-- JEtaarten-Puur genieten

It gives such a impact… xxx

Weet gewoon niet wat ik moet zeggen , maar goed uitgelegd😘

-- Heart Sweet Bakery

Lieverd zo mooi hoe jij je verlies hebt uitgebeeld…het was een eer om mee te werken aan deze collaboration ter ere van jou mooie Mathias

-- Backelien

Wow jou stuk komt zo binnen.

-- Save the world it is the planet with cake


-- Dora Theodoridou

Such an amazing cake, no words needed such a tragedy, 😍😍

-- MadebyMimie

Amazing cake, 😘

-- stertaarten

Verry special andere difficult subject. Respect

-- Cake my day...

You did a great job it’s so impressive 😘😘😘

-- Pluympjescake


-- Galitooo

you did a great job
heel mooi uitgebeeld xxx