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Sugar art Tegen Pesten Vzw MATHI'S HOOP.Anti bullying cake

This is my contribution for Sugar art against bullying campain. VZV MATHI’S HOOP.

I wanted to make a colourfull cake that children would understand that bullying CANNOT be tolerated. The cake was eten by the 2 classes of year 5 of my grandchildrens junior school after seeing 2 films. 1 about cyberbullying and 1 about “ordinary” bullying. Afterwards there was a disscusion with all the children, EVERYONE of them (32) childeren had a story to tell. I must say they loved the cake and enjoyed it very much.

-- MadebyMimie

geweldig leuk gedaan


-- Olina's taarten

Beautiful ❤️

Thats cute

-- JEtaarten-Puur genieten


-- Heart Sweet Bakery

Love it!

-- Cake my day...