Happy 96th Birthday

Happy 96th Birthday
Happy 96th Birthday

A little strange to make daisies for a cake at this time of the year. I can explain. πŸ˜„. This is for my mother-in-law and she is obsessed with white daisies for some reason. So what else could I do except make them for her cake? Her birthday is today but the family will be gathering tomorrow to celebrate her big day.


Gorgeous cake Goreti and your daisies are amazing as all your sugar flowers!. I’m sure you will make that pretty lady very happy!

Very nice cake! Beautiful daisies!

Gorgeous cake! I love your flowers they are very realistic.

Zyubeyra Ademova

Gorgeous cake, amazing and realistic flowers! 😍

DΓ‘Ε‘a KrettovΓ‘

Beautiful cake and daisies.