Marbled brooch Wedding cake

Marbled brooch Wedding cake
Marbled brooch Wedding cake Marbled brooch Wedding cake

My good friends wedding cake. Her only requests were for a square wedding cake in chocolate.

The rest of the design was left to me with only a few weeks notice as she really couldn’t decide on the design…so really no pressure!!😂

Her flowers were rich red and deep royal blue roses, so I decided on a classic cake design with a modern twist.

The middle tier had subtle shades of grey marbling with handpainted silver streaks to highlight the contours of the marbled effect.

The top tier really elevated the cake to an almost regal finish with the floral ornate corner decoration.

The flowers were made in the same colours as the roses in the bouquet, and really finished the look beautifully.

My friend was delighted with her cake and so we’re all the guests so what a huge relief!!😄

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Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you all for the positive comments 😊

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I was so proud of this cake; my second wedding cake and my first 3-tier square cake. I found it challenging but very rewarding!☺

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