Steam Punk Collaboration 2018

Steam Punk Collaboration 2018
Steam Punk Collaboration 2018

I am honoured to be a part of the second year of Steam Cakes and a home thanks to Carla Rodrigues of Pepper Posh and Joao Pimentel for all their hard work compiling this year’s amazing album.

My sculpted bust is inspired by Abraham Lincoln . I find his chiseled features fascinating and an insight to this interesting man. I’ve used artistic licence in adding steampunk features to his tall top hat and a little on his jacket.
Sculpted all with Saracino modelling chocolate mixed with a little modelling paste. #Saracino lustre colours used to create a bronzed metallic look. Everything is hand modelled and made my own steampunk molds for hat detailing.

I included a pic of before and after colouring to show you the chocolate before lustre. (See above)

Please click on the steampunk link to see all the other incredible design

Have a lovely weekend all!

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OMG your amazing cake is so realistic, it actually looks like metal sculpture!

Bobbie Bakes

OMG!!!Brilliant work,Calli👏👏💕