Spanish 40th Cake

Spanish 40th Cake
Spanish 40th Cake Spanish 40th Cake

Loved creating this simple Spanish theme 40th cake for a work colleague of my husband. Her party theme is Spanish. Cake is a 7” high/ 7” round sponge, filled with vanilla flavoured mascarpone buttercream icing and strawberry jam. Outer is Belgium chocolate ganache, of which the Spanish dancer is Hand Painted, using Saracino cocoa butter and colours, directly onto the naked surface.

Gerbera flowers on top, I made with cold porcelain and veiner I used is home made.

Fabulous cake stand comes with interchangeable top ( more info at Switch & Swap Cake Stand )

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amazing piece of art :) great work :) as always :D

WOW! Amazing piece Calli, as always<)


It can’t be more beautiful, it’s just an incredible work of art!!!! ❤️

Wow its really beautiful..😊

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Calli your paintings make me crazy!!! are so beautiful!

By Katherina Perez

This is real artistic splendor! The design, those colors and just everything in one symphony 🌹