A Path Less Travelled (Love is... collaboration)

A Path Less Travelled (Love is... collaboration)
A Path Less Travelled (Love is... collaboration) A Path Less Travelled (Love is... collaboration) A Path Less Travelled (Love is... collaboration)

I would love to present to you my contribution to the ‘Love Is’ collab https://m.facebook.com/Love-is-Collaboration-1728938983856728/

Hosted by the incredible duo… (and what true love really looks like).. Isabel Tamargo and Val Seitz!

My inspiration for this piece was travel… ooooh to travel (large sigh)… In 2012 my partner and I sold all our belongings, packed a backpack, grabbed our lonely planet book and left to travel the world.. our plan.. to travel the world in 3 years and experience everything we could… a long story short.. after 7 months traveling Asia we landed in Australia and felt like we had just found home…. we didn’t want to leave… so…. the traveling had come to a halt…. for now…and the rest they say is history… but that uncontrollable itch will need a good old scratch very soon…..
I chose travel because I fell in love with so many countries, the scenery, the people, the friendships you take away from them, the memories you make in them.. they become part of you, it changes you and it never leaves you…. I love to travel!!! And I don’t think I will ever stop loving it…

The cake;
The tiers represent different aspects of my traveling, be that an item of clothing, the feeling of the grass tickling my legs as I run though it or detail of a painting that caught my attention…. so many things made an impression…

The bottom tier represents history, beautiful architecture that is weathering under the elements, maturing with age and telling it’s story over and over again.
To achieve this tecnique I wrapped my cake in fondant then in wafer paper.. I didn’t wet all my wafer so once it dried it came away alittle. I placed fondant flowers and other decrotive pieces onto the cake.. along with some extra fondant, which I then used impressions so it looked like it was in the stone. Once dried and painted and accented with petal dust.

The middle tier represents some of the breath taking scenery… if you don’t fall in love with the history, then scenery will grab you! Your memories will be the best pictures you could ever take and I wanted to represent this in the detail of this tier.
To achieve this I tore wafer paper Into wavey stripes and painted them in different shades of green.

The top tier represents the friendship and the bond you make with people on the same journey as you….. you will never loose these friendships, if anything they grow stronger every time you remember a smile or a laugh that was shared…
To achieve this I got my favourite piece of equipment out.. the extruder! I coloured some fondant In all fun shades and got to work!

The beautiful Rafflesia flower… represents flora.. we first met this flower in Borneo.. it’s the largest flower in the world, at 3ft in diameter, it is a rare flower and I am privileged to have witness it bloom.. ..this beauty is not it’s defining characteristic… it has a pungent aroma of rotting flesh to attract fly’s to pollinate it.. a some what bitter sweet experience of beauty and stench…. I will treasure this memory for ever lol sadly some parts of it more than others.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post xx thanks so much xx


Beautiful!!! And I love your sharing of your experiences. I can feel your yearning for some more :)

The Garden Baker

A stunning work of art!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Stunning piece! Really beautiful! 😍

What a lovely, intriguing design and interpretation…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎