Couture Cakers Collaboration

Here’s my piece in Couture Cakers International 2018 Collaboration, interprete from Moschino – floral Spring collection 2018 and from dome PVC accessorie .
To cover all layers i used renshaw premium white covering paste. I make my butterflies out of renshaw petal paste and I used rainbow dust colours to create naturals, sparkly and glittery shadows for the butterflies and the feathers. I used sugar shapers to give textures for my cake and i used Italiansugarart veiners to create realistic effect for my butterflies wings and for te feathers. The third layer of cake was covered with mixed coloured fondant in the usual way to finalise the marbling effect. On the fourth and the fifth layers of the cake i added hand painted butterflies, created with rainbow dust edible colors. In the top of the cake I added decorations made from edible gelatin plastic and edible butterflies made from printed wafer paper, to imitate effect of PVC.


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Couture Cakers Collaboration