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Time Infinity-Steam Cakes Collab 2018

Hello again!
Here’s my piece for Steam Cakes -Steampunk collaboration 2018 edition organized by very talented Carla Rodrigues of Pepper Posh!
This time, a filigree pocket watch with 100% Royal Icing, all hand piped. I really enjoyed making this piece.
Hope you can find the meaning of the title “Time Infinity”! :)
Thank you so much for looking💕
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-- sugar voyager

royal icing edible colours cerart brushes piping bag steamcakes steampunk collaboration filigree piping 3d pocket watch chain gears hands handpiped royal icing



Amazing art work ❤️❤️❤️ Love it


Great work

Raquel García

Fantastic work!!!😍😍😍

Doces Tentações

very good


Fabulous work!

Aurelia's Cake

Fantastic piece!!!

MOLI Cakes

Fantastic !!!

Cake Art Studio


Sandra Smiley

Wow! I can see all the intricate details in these larger photos, Kyoko, and they are unbelievable! The gears and that remarkable chain! How on earth did you do the chain?!



Mero Wageeh


sugar voyager

Thank you so much Anna, Anna, Raquel, Sofia, Claudia, Cristina, Aurelia, Monika, Beata, Calli, Sandra, Goreti & Mero for your so very kind words😘 Also Thank you dear Calli for pinning, you are always so generous💕 Dear Sandra, i piped O & C and attached one by one and closed C with piping for the chain. 😊

Thank you all so much for your love and support, my piece made it to daily top 3❤️

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Great piece..

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Time Infinity-Steam Cakes Collab 2018