Jade Vine

Jade Vine
Jade Vine Jade Vine Jade Vine Jade Vine

Jade Vine
Jade vine is a very beautiful ornamental creeper; native to the tropical forests of Philippines. The blossoms of the jade vine resemble a parrot’s beak or a cat’s claw, but it’s their colour which is so rare in nature. The stunning turquoise blue stands out from the rest of the foliage, and dozens of these blue curling flowers bloom in a showy cascade of beauty.

I dedicate my bunch of Jade vine clusters to the Guru of Sugar flowers- Alan Dunn. Alan Dunn has played a major part in my journey through this beautiful world of Sugar flowers. It is through his books that I have gained detailed knowledge to make various flowers. And finally a few months ago, I had the long awaited opportunity to actually learn from the ‘Guru’ when he came to India.

Jade vine is a flower which I have seen only Alan Dunn make in Sugar (correct me if I am wrong) and hence I think it is apt that in all humbleness I dedicate my sugar Jade vine flowers to him since I learnt to make them from him.
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