Charlie Chaplin & The Kid - Let’s Dream Together Collaboration

Saracino, 15 cm height ,12 hours
Charlie Chaplin – The Kid
We live where once Charlie Chaplin lived in London – in a place called Lambeth.
We walk the same streets as he did and see the same views… and as we do we can almost feel the spirit which has influenced Charlie Chaplin’s work.
His difficult and tragic childhood made him seek escape in an imaginary world.
In his film “The Kid” Chaplin masterfully conveys an array of emotions and his own longing for a father, all in black and white and in a silent format. Charlie Chaplin acts the role of the father but truly the kid represents his own little self.
“The Kid” is one of the finest examples of screen language based entirely on silent acting.
Charlie Chaplin is an icon!!

With this our entry for The collaboration “Let’s Dream Together”.

armature wire aluminum foil saracino modelling paste dresden tool saracino modelling paste collaboration caricature face


Olina Wolfs



Amazing job!!!!!!!!!

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Absolutely jaw dropping amazing!!

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Love love love it!!!! It’s perfect…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Esmeralda trigo

Fantastic fantastic work

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Fantastic work!!

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Absolutely wonderful work!!! I love!!

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Absolutely amazing as always!❤

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Magnificent work xx

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This is magnificent! Love both characters!

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Wonderful work!!!

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Charlie Chaplin & The Kid - Let’s Dream Together Collaboration