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For the Love of Art : Pakistan

Spectacular Pakistan:-
Pakistan is a great country with a very rich cultural heritage. I am an avid art lover, everything around me needs to be artistically appealing, and so I call my piece “For the Love of Art: Pakistan “. My inspiration for my piece comes from the famous truck art which sets Pakistani trucks apart from anywhere else in the world, the gorgeous bridal jewelry, the national flower and the topi (skullcap).
The bottom tier is the art of clay canes.
The middle tier jewellery piece is made by hand crafting and sticking in place each piece one by one…..i felt like a goldsmith while working on it 😁.
Top tier is a wooven baloch skullcap….
Hope you all like how I have compiled everything in a single edible art piece.

-- Fatima Chandan ( The Cakes Icing )

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Esmeralda trigo




Sandra Smiley

Beautiful work, Fatima!

Seema Tyagi


The Garden Baker


Dilek Dağlı

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Aurelia's Cake


Sweet Dreams by Heba

Fatima, mA your cake designs are so beautiful and creative. I love those details.

Raquel García

Fantastic work my dear!!!You have a new follower !!! Great job!!!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Bold, bright and beautiful..

The Cakes Icing

Thanku so much everyone for all the love and appreciation….i m so overwhelmed….😘😘😘😘

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For the Love of Art : Pakistan