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Easter Egg Cake

This was dessert number one for my Easter dinner last weekend. We celebrated a week early since my brother was home from working up north.

I made a 3D Easter egg cake and kept it rather simple. I wanted it to look like a giant chocolate egg so I covered it in chocolate ganache and then decorated with wafer paper flowers and a touch of silver leaf. The cake inside is chocolate.

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Thank you June. Happy Easter!

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Looks fabulous! Love the flowers! Did you airbrush the wafer paper or buy it coloured? I haven’t seen it pre-coloured.

-- Teri, Ontario, Canada


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Thank you Felis, Teri and Bianca.

Teri, I purchased the wafer paper from Golda’s Kitchen. I think it must be a newer product for them as I hadn’t noticed it on the site previously. I don’t recall the brand name at this time. The sheets are only 4″×6″ so essentially one sheet makes one of these flowers (I used 1.5" circles). It comes as a 12 pkg and you can get all red or a pkg of 2 sheets each of pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue and green. The only thing I don’t like is that it is quite thick compared to the pink and green that I had been using previously (Icing Images brand which I purchased at Icing Inspirations). I looked on the Icing Images website and they sell a 60 pack that has 10 sheets each of 6 different colors but with our dollar doing so poorly it makes it rather pricey once you factor in shipping as well.

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Thanks Kelly I haven’t been on Golda’s site for a bit. I will check it out. :-)

-- Teri, Ontario, Canada


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Thank you Bianca, Elena and Asya!

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Thank you Deborah ☺

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