"Claudia"-Historia de la moda collaboracion

"Claudia"-Historia de la moda collaboracion

My name is Stefania, I live in Tuscany, Italy, I am a mother and housewife. About 5 years I have discovered this fun world of cake design ….. which I am passionate about more and more, in particular I love modeling figurines. For this collaboration I chose to represent the 80s because I remember with my nostalgia and tenderness my 8 -10 years ….. I was a child but I loved the singers, the movies and the actors that made me dream ….. the strong and bright colors, blond and voluminous mane hair, shiny fabrics and paint effect, straps, bracelets and giant flakes on the head …… the Walkman always at hand …. Here is born Claudia, structure in iron thread on which I modeled Saracino pasta model, nuanced with powder colors and shellac to polish some details, I painted freehand on the base and also the sugar lace …. I hope you like it, I am very amused in making it !!! My Facebook page is https\://www.facebook.com/stefania.sanna.73/ Stefy decorated cakes or on instagram stefania.sanna.73 ….. My profile on CakesDecor is http: // cakesdecor .com / Stefy Decorated cakes by Stefy by Stefania Sanna

torte decorate di stefy


Increíble!!! Great work!!!

Natalia Salazar

Impresionante amiga mia…

Raquel García Martínez

Absolutely amazing💕😍

sugar voyager


Urvi's Creamy Creations

She is wonderful, Stefania! Love all the details! Very well done, my friend!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Fantastic! Love it, cute, beautiful!