Flexipaste Florals by Jackie Florendo

Flexipaste Florals by Jackie Florendo
Flexipaste Florals by Jackie Florendo Flexipaste Florals by Jackie Florendo Flexipaste Florals by Jackie Florendo

(Story time)
Long one pls brace yourself.

I attended a class on beanpaste craft last november at a famous studio here for hosting international cake artists – ocs kitchen.

I loved the class. The instructor was mitosweets, the paste was super agreeable. It was tasty, transluscent and flexible. I really loved the texture. It looked like real flowers.

Now, time to make on my own from scratch at home. Gosh it was so taxing to make the paste. First of all the ingredients was so hard to find here in my country, i had to go to china town, a three hour car ride for me… to get my hands on the very expensive lotus bean. Then i have to soak it overnight, cook it. Rest and cook it one more time into a paste. Worse it the flowers i made for class which i was planning to keep as reference was eaten by ants. It was too irresistable for them i guess. Never had a problem with ants eating my gumpaste flowers.

So one day i was talking to my friend Jing Fernandez (famous here in my country for korean piping) and i told her i wish there was an easier way to make bean paste. I wish there was a dough made of simple ingredients that would be transluscent, flexible and EASY TO MAKE. She then pushed me to make exactly what i want. So i tried. I already had a base recipe. We had a dough and a tylose brand that makes everything pliable and gum like instead of making it stiff and just thick.
Alterations here and there, mostly with glycerine to keep it pliable for longer. And ta da! Flexipaste was born.

It is transluscent, flexible and fragrant. Check!
Doesnt easily break? Check!!!
Ingredients easy to find. Check!
Dough easy to make? Check!
No baking no cooking no resting overnight… check check check!

So i made a few flowers with flexipaste. The first batch of flowers was a hit. I opened a class first in Sam’s confectionery corner, owned by my former student and good friend- Cris Pagba Dimalanta… it was received very well by the caking community here… that we opened more batches of sessions.

Little miss oc’s kitchen owner and operator Anna Ocampo Sarmiento gave me an opportunity to teach 4 batches in her famous studio. Generosity at its best. Since her studio is well connected she introduced me to other studios in other countries as well. I have never felt this kind of support. I am truly grateful.

I am happy to share this paste and how to make flowers with it.
We have schedule coming up in Bangkok… hosted by Les Sucres by Rose and one in Singapore by The Vanilla Bean Sg

We also have coming workshops in Dubhai and Abu dhabi.

So if you are in the area i would be happiest if you get to see it yourself.

I hope u can comment on the flowers and let me know what you think!