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Mardi Gras Carnival Cakers Collaboration2018

Opening ceremony Mardi Gras International Sugar Art Collaboration! Representing 19 countries and 38 Sugar Artists!

To see the entire collaboration, please visit the Facebook page: Cakers/

Honored to be participating for the first time in an international sugar artist collaboration! My cookie is based on a mermaid, a costume always present in the Mardi Gras parades. I made her ethnic to represent the diverse culture of New Orleans.

-- Chua Cookie

satin ice fondant rainbow dust rainbow dust mettalic paint luster dust wilton gel colors icing images wafer paper small leaf tip for the fin paintbrush jewel mold mardi gras carnival collaboration carnival chua cookie mermaid cookie


Ania - Sweet creations by Ania

Love it 😍



Zaneta Wasilewska

Incredible ❀

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Your mermaid’s so beautiful and sexy! Thanks for being a Carnival Caker :) x

Catalina Anghel azĂșcar'arte

stunning <3

Emily Calvo

Amazing work!!


Beautiful !!

sugar voyager

Gorgeous work💖

Joanne Wieneke

super details! gorgeous!

Calli Creations

Superb artistry!! Amazing work

Joanne Wieneke

love her! so detailed and gorgeous!!

Sword's Sugars

I love her! Absolutely amazing!

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Mardi Gras Carnival Cakers Collaboration2018