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50 cakes of grey - element's

So here it is finally… my contribution to the ‘50 cakes of grey’ collaboration.

The Scope; Shades of Grey

The Inspiration; I was inspired by mineral elements and rock formations… from magnesium to slate.

The bottom tier represents slate.. this was achieved by drying black fondant and sticking it to the cake using piling gel.

The middle tier represents marble.. this was achieved by rolling different shades of fondant together and placing onto the cake.

The top tier represents cobalt.. this was achieved by an awesome mold I have!

The topper is made of fondant and dusted in gunmetal petal dust.. Thai represents lead.

The drips down the 2 edges represents magnesium.. this was achieved by floral wire and fondant painting in rolkem silver.

Over all I loved making this cake.. it was so different to the direction I would usually head towards.

Thanks for looking xxx

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satin ice fondant satin ice gum paste rolkem piping gel mold


Felis Toporascu




June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Intriguing design and interpretation..


Lovely! Interesting!

Kmeci Cakes



Beautiful textures!

Sandra Smiley

What a beauty! Brilliant design!

The Garden Baker

Gorgeous!!!! Love all the textures and the drips that balance it all. Amazing cake!

CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Awesome… Love from Christian Grey 🤣🤣

Dmytrii Puga

Incredible design!

Natalia Casaballe

Muy original! Muy buen diseño y su relación con el concepto. Felicitaciones!

Sonia Parente


Fifi's Cakes

this is fabulous! your slate in particular is awesome!

Calli Creations

Your textures are so well done!! Each complimenting each other

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50 cakes of grey - element's