Preppy Monogram Sugar Flower Cake

Preppy Monogram Sugar Flower Cake
Preppy Monogram Sugar Flower Cake Preppy Monogram Sugar Flower Cake Preppy Monogram Sugar Flower Cake Preppy Monogram Sugar Flower Cake

For Madison’s sugar flower graduation cake by The Mischief Maker, we wanted to do something that communicated her personality: bold, fun, and outgoing. A bright floral arrangement seemed appropriate, so a variety of peonies in pinks, fuschias, and reds came to mind. We also wanted the arrangement to have an additional burst of energy, so we utilized sugar kumquats to provide the perfect sun-kissed, citrus element. The kumquats, along with some of the peonies, were new to us. We’re very pleased with how they turned out and the level of realism we were able to achieve. As always, every item was hand colored, much like a painting. To make the bright floral arrangement pop even more, we bordered the tiers with black and white scallops, which provided a perfect backdrop for the explosive and fluffy sugar peonies, peony buds, and fruit.

Propped against the bottom tier is an all edible, sugar stationary with Madison’s monogram and a bow incorporated into the design. The stationary was designed by our wonderful graphic design connection, Justin Howell. He created the design especially for Madison to incorporate her requests for both the monogram and bow. Grounding the overall design are several loose sugar kumquats strewn across the tabletop, as if they have naturally fallen from their branches, one by one. This cake explored color, texture, and a cohesive mixture of matte and shiny finishes. I hope this is the preppy cake that Madison wanted! I think it captures the essence in a relaxed and refreshing new way. I don’t usually do monogram cakes, but I find that incorporating monograms subtly, like this customized stationary, or custom designed, for use in some of our wedding cake designs, can be a personal touch that aligns with the client’s wishes for monogram incorporation. This one is the perfect graphic touch.

📸’s: Natasha Raichel Photography.

Alex Narramore/The Mischief Maker